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Real multitasking on your Android!

Accessing file system using Storages

Learn how to regain access to your files on newer Android devices using Floating Apps’ Storages feature.

Where is the next version?

I was quiet for some time. That doesn’t mean that Floating Apps is not on its way to the next and better version ;-). However, it’s not only about fancy new features. I invest a tremendous amount of effort to keep the codebase up to date. For example, I’ve finally migrated the app to AndroidX.…
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Floating File ManagerHowever, this is not enough! It doesn't grant permission to access the added storage with the standard file access. You must switch to the newly added storage. Open the floating File Manager and tap the cog icon in the panel header. As you can see, there are two options to access the same data. In the red rectangle, it's standard file system access way. In the green rectangle, there is our newly added storage. There is a difference between them - for the standard file access way, a red icon signalizing that the storage is read-only is shown. 

How to use external SD cards, USB disks and Dropbox

There is a bit of confusion about how to access external SD card. It’s visible and accessible by default, but since Floating Apps uses standard file system mechanism for accessing it, it’s read-only. For apps like Image Viewer, Music Player or Document Viewer, it’s not a problem as read-only access is good enough. For the…
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