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Real multitasking on your Android!

Floating normal apps

QA: floating installed apps with freeform mode

We are receiving a lot of questions related to floating normal/installed apps, so we’ve decided to introduce the feature also here in a form of a QA blog post. How does floating normal apps work? Floating normal/installed apps is available from Floating Apps 4.4 and it works on Android 7 and newer. It’s a hidden feature…
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Free-Form Mode, Android 7

7 cons of the free-form mode

As you may know, the so-called free-form mode is a hidden feature available from Android 7 that allows floating of normal (installed) apps. It’s built into Android, but it’s made inaccessible by Google by default. Floating Apps helps to enable and access it, but there are still a few catches. Let’s have a look at…
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Version 4.4: Bubbles & floating normal apps

The Christmas present is here! The new version, Floating Apps 4.4, brings several overall improvements and some new features. 1. Bubbles – It’s now possible to minimize the floating window into a floating bubble which is very similar to, for example, Facebook’s Chatheads. Of course, there is still an option to switch back to the single…
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