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Real multitasking on your Android!

Floating Apps for Auto and Netflix

NETFLIX in your car? No problem!

What do you need?1. MirrorLink compatible car2. MirrorLink compatible phone with Android 7 or 83. Netflix on your phone with an active account4. Floating Apps for Auto on your phone5. Active free-form mode and MirrorLink expert6. The latest version of LG MirrorDrive installed7. Know how to do the double LG MirrorDrive trick After you perform…
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Happy New Year and thanks!

Thanks all of you for being a part of the community by using the app, reporting bugs, donating, helping with translations or giving us a nice comment on Google Play. We wish you Happy New Year! I know that Floating Apps is used everywhere around the world and that today is not the end of…
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Version 4.9: Floating Apps for Auto gets a new welcome screen

Floating Apps for Auto, the special version of Floating Apps for “hacking” cars with MirrorLink, receives all improvements that come with version 4.9 except for the new welcome screen. It has its own welcome screen that is not trying to introduce all features of Floating Apps but it’s rather helping new users with essential steps…
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Floating Apps for Auto

FA for Auto: Cable is the key!

The cable causes a lot of problems when connecting phone and car via MirrorLink. A myth exists that the original cable supplied along with the phone must work correctly. In many cases, it’s not true. While standard cables are suitable for typical usages, they are not ideal for fast data transfer that is necessary for…
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Floating Apps for Auto

Supported cars for Floating Apps for Auto

  To benefit from Floating Apps for Auto in your car, both your device and your car must support MirrorLink 1.1. Generally, cars with MirrorLink 1.1 manufactured after 2014 are well supported. Please note that MirrorLink is optional equipment and it may not be available in all models of supported brands. If you are not…
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How to enable/disable Floating Apps quickly with Quick Settings Tile

How to enable/disable Floating Apps quickly with Quick Setting Tiles

There is also a video on Floating Apps’ Youtube channel describing this feature so if you prefer it, just visit the link and you don’t need to read all the text :-). This feature is one of the most often requested one. It’s even more important for Floating Apps for Auto as in this case…
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Floating AdBlock

Version 4.8: New app, Floating Buddies and many improvements

Working hard on the next version, we haven’t published blog posts for some time. Don’t worry, we are going to fix this now as there is a lot to introduce in the version 4.8. There is a new app called Clipboard that is useful for managing your copy-paste actions There is a new feature called…
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Floating Apps 4.7

Version 4.7: Many changes across the app

Floating Apps 4.7 is here and it comes with many improvements across the whole app. There are so many new things, that this article is split into more parts, so there is enough space to not only provide the list of them but also add a few tips on how to benefit from them. 1.…
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Floating Google Maps

Version 4.7: New Google Maps with route finding!

Until now, floating Google Maps was just a small tool to check “where the heck I am” or to quickly find an address. It’s no longer true! New Google Maps allows choosing starting point or destination by just clicking on the map or by searching address. It’s not necessary to choose the starting point; it’s enough…
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Floating Apps 4.7 - new apps and improvements

Version 4.7: New apps and improvements

  Cheaper ad-free version Newly, there is an option to remove ads with in-app purchase in the free version. It’s cheaper than going for the full version but doesn’t come with apps that are only included in the full version. Of course, it would be better if the app is completely free but we wouldn’t…
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