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Real multitasking on your Android!

Full MirrorLink on Samsung phones with Android 10

Samsung is just rolling updates to Android 10 for its phones, and it causes significant problems with the full MirrorLink as the new MirrorLink server uses an entirely different mechanism for mirroring screen content. Thankfully, there is a solution to this. It needs a bit of work and settings, but you get the full MirrorLink…
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Version 4.11 – new Floating Apps for Auto

Version 4.11 introduces a lot of changes for Floating Apps for Auto. We’ve made all of them to streamline the user interface as much as possible and make using Floating Apps in your car faster and easier. So, what’s new? Running installed apps on your infotainment is now as simple as a single tap; the…
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The insider insight

Previous personal post “Where is the next update?” motivated me to share more background information with you. From first sight, it seems like Floating Apps is just a mobile app, and there is nothing else than developing new features and fixing bugs. There is a truth in this – Floating Apps is indeed a mobile…
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Enabling the free-form mode for Samsung Galaxy S and Note with Android 7, 8 & 9

NOTE: Full MirrorLink on Samsung phones with Android 10 is a bit different! After many months of testing and with experience from answering thousands of emails related to Floating Apps for Auto, we’ve found the optimal configuration for your Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note devices running Android 7, 8 or 9 to use…
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The difference between FA free, full and auto

Free vs. Full – These versions are almost identical – built-in apps, features, the free-form mode, etc. work the same way. The free version is ad-powered and doesn’t come with Wifi Manager, Contacts and Google Map. Also, the full version includes all buddies. And that’s all. No more differences. Free/Full vs. Auto – The situation…
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How to fix MirrorLink on Samsung with Android 9

NOTE: Full MirrorLink on Samsung phones with Android 10 is a bit different! Some users reported that after updating their Samsung phone to Android 9, MirrorLink has stopped working for them. Samsung officially answered that it’s not a problem on their side. Well, dear Samsung, it is and we’ve found a solution for our users…
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Floating Apps for Auto and Netflix

NETFLIX in your car? No problem!

NOTE: Full MirrorLink on Samsung phones with Android 10 is a bit different! What do you need?1. MirrorLink compatible car2. MirrorLink compatible phone with Android 7 or 83. Netflix on your phone with an active account4. Floating Apps for Auto on your phone5. Active free-form mode and MirrorLink expert6. The latest version of LG MirrorDrive…
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Happy New Year and thanks!

Thanks all of you for being a part of the community by using the app, reporting bugs, donating, helping with translations or giving us a nice comment on Google Play. We wish you Happy New Year! I know that Floating Apps is used everywhere around the world and that today is not the end of…
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Version 4.9: Floating Apps for Auto gets a new welcome screen

Floating Apps for Auto, the special version of Floating Apps for “hacking” cars with MirrorLink, receives all improvements that come with version 4.9 except for the new welcome screen. It has its own welcome screen that is not trying to introduce all features of Floating Apps but it’s rather helping new users with essential steps…
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Floating Apps for Auto

FA for Auto: Cable is the key!

NOTE: Full MirrorLink on Samsung phones with Android 10 is a bit different! The cable causes a lot of problems when connecting phone and car via MirrorLink. A myth exists that the original cable supplied along with the phone must work correctly. In many cases, it’s not true. While standard cables are suitable for typical…
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