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Real multitasking on your Android!

YouTube removed: Why and what to do about it

Recently, Floating Apps was removed from Google Play due to violating YouTube terms & conditions. The app was, according to YouTube/Google, allowing you to download YouTube videos which is simply not true and you know it. Only solution to get the app back to Play Store was to remove YouTube apps. Don’t worry you can…
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Version 4.11 – a few changes, a lot of fixes

Version 4.11 is important for Floating Apps for Auto as we skipped 4.10. It was too unstable, and the added value wasn’t so significant to overweight it. For 4.11, we spent a lot of time testing it, improving tutorials and functionality. What started as an almost identical clone of original Floating Apps is now its…
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Floating YouTube

How to use the new Floating YouTube

We received a few emails from you asking us for a guide for the new floating YouTube app. So, here it goes! The app may be a bit unfamiliar when used for the first time. It’s no longer just a YouTube site with its typical appearance and functionality. It’s a list of your favorite videos now,…
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