Month: July 2019

Real multitasking on your Android!

Version 4.11 – a few changes, a lot of fixes

Version 4.11 is important for Floating Apps for Auto as we skipped 4.10. It was too unstable, and the added value wasn’t so significant to overweight it. For 4.11, we spent a lot of time testing it, improving tutorials and functionality. What started as an almost identical clone of original Floating Apps is now its…
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Version 4.11 – new Floating Apps for Auto

Version 4.11 introduces a lot of changes for Floating Apps for Auto. We’ve made all of them to streamline the user interface as much as possible and make using Floating Apps in your car faster and easier. So, what’s new? Running installed apps on your infotainment is now as simple as a single tap; the…
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The insider insight

Previous personal post “Where is the next update?” motivated me to share more background information with you. From first sight, it seems like Floating Apps is just a mobile app, and there is nothing else than developing new features and fixing bugs. There is a truth in this – Floating Apps is indeed a mobile…
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Where is the next version?

I was quiet for some time. That doesn’t mean that Floating Apps is not on its way to the next and better version ;-). However, it’s not only about fancy new features. I invest a tremendous amount of effort to keep the codebase up to date. For example, I’ve finally migrated the app to AndroidX.…
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