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Real multitasking on your Android!

All about the new configurable shortcut

In Floating Apps 4.5, the new configurable shortcut has been introduced and old “one shortcut per app” has been removed. Why the change? To bring more options! Let’s have a look at them. The configurable icon and opening apps minimized 1. Long tap the wallpaper and choose Widgets. Than find Floating Apps widget, drag it…
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Kustom + Floating Apps - play nicely together!

Kustom + Floating Apps – play nicely together!

The most basic way to interface Floating Apps into Kustom is through the use of custom on touch actions. 1. Within Kustom, you can declare an action based on where you touch. 2. To utilize a Floating App from a Kustom preset, you need to select Launch Shortcut from the action menu. 3. After selecting…
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