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Real multitasking on your Android!

Version 4.10 is out!

Hello everyone, the next version of Floating Apps is out in the wild! What’s new? There are numerous changes to the floating browser, so it gets its own article. The backup/restore feature is also improved and there is a post with more details on the topic. There are also changes to the floating clipboard app…
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Version 4.10 – Improved backup feature

The backup and restore feature is an important part of Floating Apps. It has already gone through a lot of changes and we’ve recently introduced completely new version with support only for cloud backups with Google Drive as a storage provider. Over the time, it showed up that this might not be the best decision…
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Version 4.10 – Full changelog

NEW LANGUAGE: Bulgarian (Please, help us to complete the translation) Backup: Adds an option to restore from local backup file. Backup: Adds support for offline backups with local files only. Browser: Adds an option to switch between single close button and close buttons in tabs. Browser: Adds a menu with extra options for long-tap on…
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Floating Apps backup

Version 4.8: New backup system with cloud support

The old backup system was marked as Beta all the time. It wasn’t perfect and there were some problematic parts related mainly to the synchronize feature. Everything would be easier if Android doesn’t prevent apps from setting timestamps for files. Also, using it to store data in the cloud wasn’t comfortable enough and there were…
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