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Real multitasking on your Android!

Enabling the free-form mode for Samsung Galaxy S and Note with Android 7, 8 & 9

After many months of testing and with experience from answering thousands of emails related to Floating Apps for Auto, we’ve found the optimal configuration for your Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note devices running Android 7, 8 or 9 to use with our popular MirrorLink hacks. Before proceeding with enabling the free-form mode, please…
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How to fix MirrorLink on Samsung with Android 9

Some users reported that after updating their Samsung phone to Android 9, MirrorLink has stopped working for them. Samsung officially answered that it’s not a problem on their side. Well, dear Samsung, it is and we’ve found a solution for our users because we care about them. If you can’t see certified apps after updating…
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Pop Up View for all Samsung devices running Android 7+

Pop Up View for all Samsung phones with Floating Apps

Samsung is well-known by Android enthusiasts for bringing essential multi-tasking features in the ecosystem, such as their creative S Pen features, the basic Multi Window mode and the PC-like Pop Up View, all suited for their larger devices and tablets. Pop Up View allows installed apps to float over other apps, just like the Floating…
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