Author: Matyas Richter

Real multitasking on your Android!

Working with multiple tabs of the floating browser

The Floating Browser belongs to a group of slightly more complex applications available in the Floating Apps pack. One of its features is having multiple tabs open, in the same way as in most desktop browsers. However, on devices with smaller displays, the two rows containing tabs and URL address take up a lot of…
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Mastering the Countdown

Floating Countdown is a handy tool with tons of possible uses (i.e. setting one while cooking and being able to read a recipe in the browser). It has several features which we’d now like to introduce. By default, you can find it in the Applications menu, accompanied by an hourglass icon. Once you launch the floating…
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Floating Apps - Custom music player

How to use a custom music player with Floating Apps

Floating Apps already contain a feature for playing music. However, some users can prefer an external music player (i.e. one they paid a lot for). Whatever reason they may have, the solution is super easy, it only requires the player of your choice to support widgets, and we will show you how to get it…
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