YouTube removed: Why and what to do about it

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YouTube removed: Why and what to do about it

Recently, Floating Apps was removed from Google Play due to violating YouTube terms & conditions. The app was, according to YouTube/Google, allowing you to download YouTube videos which is simply not true and you know it.

Only solution to get the app back to Play Store was to remove YouTube apps.

Don’t worry you can still use YouTube by downloading direct APK or by adding it into My Apps. Just follow these few steps:

1. Open the main app and go to My Apps in the menu.

2. Click the plus button in the bottom right corner.

3. Select Create URL app from the dialog that popups.

4. You can name the app as you want. Let’s use YouTube and then place YouTube URL to URL field.

5. And here we go. You just created your first custom app from URL. Let’s try it out.

That’s some extra work for you but we are now in a very hard position. We want to bring you great app while at the same time we must honor YouTube/Google terms & conditions.

For us, this means extra problem as Google also terminated our AdSense account and we lost some money. It’s not all about money, but in the long term, if we are not able to get some revenue from app, we may not be able continue the development and keep the app alive (pay for translations, servers, etc.). If you want to help us, you can consider donate.


26 Responses

  1. Clarisa says:

    I want listening musuc on you tube

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  3. Chris says:

    Fairly obvious why they pulled your app. Recently I tried YouTube Premium free trial. When using it on my tablet I could run YouTube in the background while browsing. It is a great feature.

    The problem is YouTube Premium is £12 a month which I refuse to pay. Your app does the same but only costs £3.29 and even for free. Was just a matter of time before they came for you.

    Got mine working again by following your instructions, although I wonder how long YouTube will allow even that. Best of luck.

    • Floating Apps says:

      We never wanted to harm YouTube and break the rules; we just listen to you, our users, and add apps you wanted.

      I understand that this is something they don’t like and for us, it wasn’t easily to solve it technically.

      That would be a kind of monopoly action to disallow you to use the browser of your choice to access their site :-).

  4. Quân says:

    Ứng dụng rất tốt

  5. Huy says:

    I love you, Floating apps verry good. Thanks admin !

  6. Sergio says:

    Thank you for your work, guys)

  7. Lisa says:


  8. You floating app user says:

    Sorry to hear the bad news. Would love to donate but currently out of work. Maybe have a membership since there are alot of users. Hopefully if membership please be reasonable. If not I would gladly start donating every months. Hate for this app to disappear.

  9. Kidsada says:

    I love you floating apps .

  10. Ja says:

    Thank you for the solutions!

  11. Neni says:

    I love you floating apps

  12. panatda says:

    I love floating apps.

  13. Win says:

    I love floating apps.

  14. Earth says:

    I love floating apps

  15. Paul-Peter Theulings says:

    Open youtube in the browser and tadaaa there is floating youtube.

  16. Melody mendosa says:

    Pues por ahora no me esta justa la aplicacion pero yo creo que nis llevaremos muy bien mas adelante espero que funcione esta aplicacion

  17. Uhj says:

    I love this apps

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