Version 4.12: Minor improvements & Christmas gift from Google [UPDATED]

Real multitasking on your Android!

Version 4.12: Minor improvements & Christmas gift from Google [UPDATED]

We spent last few months working hard on improvements and on our online services and in a few days, we were going to publish the new version. So you can enjoy it before the Christmas.

Well, at Google, they have their very own plans and they decided to remove Floating Apps FULL from Play Store because of some problem with how Ads are displayed. Hey, Google, there are no ads! Unless you steal the app and it’s not possible to verify it’s origin.

So, there’s Floating Apps 4.12 a bit before the official release term…

UPDATED: The very similar fate (but from completely different reason) hitted also FREE version, so we are having really hard times to keep apps available for you :-(. Learn more about it.


  • we spent a lot of time improving YouTube and YouTube List and all our work is lost because we had to remove those apps to keep the app on the Google Play
  • we fixed a lot of issues related to Android 10
  • we introduced a lot of small improvements throughout the app
  • and we also fixed a lot of bugs, improved some translations, etc.

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  1. Jdjjchk​ irduudi says:


  2. Raphael says:

    These are some sad news from Google indeed, Floating Apps has been a must have for me for quite some time, it takes my Android experience to a whole new level making multitasking on the phone a breeze, it has so many capabilities, thanks for all your hard work guys!

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