Hey Android, don’t kill my app!

Real multitasking on your Android!

Hey Android, don’t kill my app!

Occasionally, we receive a request to fix one annoying problem – Floating Apps suddenly disappears with no error message. In the majority of such situations, it’s not a problem on our side. When the app crashes, there should be a dialog or popup window shown with our sincere apologies.

In almost all cases, Android kills Floating Apps, even if there is no real reason to do so. Phone manufacturers alter the default Android system, and some of them are convinced that aggressively protecting you is good for you. But it’s not! I’ve already published a post on this topic related to permissions.

For example, older Huawei devices were killing all apps when the screen goes off unless they were listed in the Protected Apps, which was an option buried somewhere in the device’s Settings. It was a headache to get Floating Apps, instant email notifications, and other apps working. I even know about a person who decided to sell his phone because it doesn’t work correctly.

I understand that protecting the device is important, and increasing how long the device can run on a battery is a big trend now. However, there must be a better option than just killing apps for no reason. That’s not exactly user-friendly behavior.

For some time, we had managed a list of guides for different vendors and devices. It’s not easy to do so! There’s too much of them.

Fortunately, there is a great resource for all of you that struggle with this problem:

Visit dontkillmyapp.com

Do you also have the mentioned problem with (not only) Floating Apps being killed by your Android?


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  1. Paulo says:

    Primeiro quero saber se vai haver próximas atualizações do App? E se tiver, coloquem mais opções de temas e de popups flutuantes!

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