Version 4.7: Many changes across the app

Real multitasking on your Android!

Version 4.7: Many changes across the app

Floating Apps 4.7

Floating Apps 4.7 is here and it comes with many improvements across the whole app. There are so many new things, that this article is split into more parts, so there is enough space to not only provide the list of them but also add a few tips on how to benefit from them.

1. There are new apps – Screenshots and Facebook Lite – and many improvements across the whole app.

2. File access system has been completely rewritten to support external SD cards, USB disks, and cloud storages.

3. New Google Maps with route finding

Enjoy the new version and if you want to know about what is coming next, follow us:


2 Responses

  1. China丶Mr_Xuan says:

    Hello, respectful developer:
    I am a software enthusiast,Recently using your software: “Floating Apps”.
    The software is very good, but there is no Chinese interface(Translation is terrible).
    So, I want to provide Simplified Chinese translation. Share this application to more friends!
    Please contact me if you can.
    I believe you will not refuse me?

    • Floating Apps says:

      Hello, can you please contact me via and I will provide you with the information about our translation platform. Thanks for offering your help!

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