Version 4.1: TODO lists & Tally counters

Real multitasking on your Android!

Version 4.1: TODO lists & Tally counters

  • New APP: Lists (TODO Lists)
  • New APP: Tally Counter
  • General: Improved translations: CS, DE, IT, JA, PL, RO, RU, TR
  • Notes: Added ‘Add’ button into window’s titlebar for faster notes creating.
  • Notes: Added option to hide pagination.
  • Notes: Added ‘Copy all’ option so it’s easy to copy the whole note by one tap.
  • My Apps: Option ‘Identify as desktop’ is now available for my apps.
  • Browser: Downloads history added.
  • Notes: Deleting page needs confirmation now.
  • Camera: Fixed bugs.
  • Camera: Photos and videos are added to gallery.
  • Barcode Reader: Fixed bugs.
  • Calculator: Added percents into functions.
  • Calculator: Added changing font size for buttons/display when the window is resized.
  • Paint: Images are exported to Floating Apps folder.
  • Paint: Exported images are added to gallery.
  • Paint: Exported images are backed up / synchronized.
  • Paint: Filename is suggested automatically when saving.
  • Paint: Improved support for different color themes.
  • Paint: Paint’s FAP files are now associated with Floating Paint.
  • Music Player: Playlist files are now associated with Floating Music Player.
  • File Manager: Auto-closing after the file is selected can be now disabled.
  • File Manager: Added opening M3U playlist in Music Player.
  • File Manager: Added opening of Paint’s FAP file in Paint.
  • Dialer: Buttons # and * swapped to match phone’s layout.
  • Dialer: Input field is now directly editable and supports copy/paste.
  • Dialer: History of dialed numbers added.
  • Dialer: Added changing font size for buttons when the window is resized.
  • General: Improved context menu.
  • General: Improved notifications.
  • General: Improved dialogs.
  • General: Improved backup/merge algorithm.
  • General: Fixed minor bugs in active windows.
  • General: Fixed sorting for app names with accents.
  • General: Internal improvements and fixes.
  • General: Fixed reported bugs and issues.


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