Version 4.5.4: Minor bug fixes and improvements

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Version 4.5.4: Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 4.5.4: Minor bug fixes and improvements

We’re working on new features, but it takes a lot of time and so there is minor maintenance version 4.5.4 that fixes many smaller bugs and brings some important improvements.

Apart from many bug fixes, the floating browser receives minor improvements, from which full session restoring (including back/forward list) is the most notable one.

Very important is also final fix of problems with settings. Some users reported that settings are reset on their devices. Hopefully, it is fixed for all users now. It was a very complicated bug related to multiple processes accessing the same data that are cached for each of the processes.

Complete changelog:

– New Nederlands translation!
– Browser: Restoring session now restore also back/forward state.
– Browser: Adds opening bookmarks by long-tapping on ‘Plus’ icon.
– Browser: Adds opening history dialog by long-tapping on ‘Home’ icon.
– Browser: Adds reloading all tabs by long-tapping on ‘Reload’ icon.
– Browser: Changes mistakenly used to
– Image Viewer: Decreases zooming level for double tapping.
– Floating Menu: Fixes bug in the filter when adding new items to the menu.
– My Apps: Fixes freezing when deleting my apps.
– General: Fixes problem settings not being saved on some devices.
– General: Adds option to launch an app in a window of maximal displayable size.
– General: Fixes crashes on Android 8; mainly in Floating Apps for Auto.
– General: Internal improvements of floating and minimized icon.
– General: Internal improvements in bubble management.
– General: Fixes minor bugs in the main app.
– General: Overal performance improvements.
– General: Improves support for new Android SDKs.


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