How to change transparency of floating windows?

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How to change transparency of floating windows?

Transparency of floating windows

Sometimes, it’s useful to make the window semi-transparent and see through it. It comes handy when watching YouTube or videos while playing games. You don’t need to tap anywhere on the screen, but you need to see some critical information that would be hidden under the window otherwise.

Good news! It’s possible for the very long time in Floating Apps. Still, some users ask for this features, and so comes a little how-to :-).

1. Open any floating apps and then open the window menu by clicking hamburger icon in the top left corner of the window.

Transparency of floating windows

2. There is a slider at the bottom of the window menu. Drag and move it or click anywhere on the track.

Transparency of floating windows

WARNING: Don’t make the window too transparent since you may then be unable to make it visible again.

3. And that’s it. As you can see, it works nicely with other windows too ;-).

Transparency of floating windows

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  1. AxelEric says:


    i’m lookimg for a way to have a window’s background transparency, is it possible ?

    And why not a segond slider button ….
    (sometimes i have dreems ;-p).


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