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Real multitasking on your Android!

Version 4.2: Floating calendar & text editor

New APP: Calendar New APP: Text Editor My Apps: Popular apps was added! Notes: Added Edit Toolbar that helps with selecting texts, copying and pasting. Notes: Added Undo and Redo actions. Notes: Font size can be increased / decreased. Notes: Added option to duplicate note after long-click. Notes: Improved support for RTL languages. Notes: Minor…
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Version 4.1: TODO lists & Tally counters

New APP: Lists (TODO Lists) New APP: Tally Counter General: Improved translations: CS, DE, IT, JA, PL, RO, RU, TR Notes: Added ‘Add’ button into window’s titlebar for faster notes creating. Notes: Added option to hide pagination. Notes: Added ‘Copy all’ option so it’s easy to copy the whole note by one tap. My Apps:…
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Version 4.0: Floating camera & barcode reader

Notes are now available in FREE version! New APP: Camera New APP: Barcode Reader New APP: Dice & Coin General: Added support for Android O and its limits imposed by Google. General: Improved speed and decreased memory consumption. Wifi Manager: Fixed Android memory leak. General: Minor fixes and improvements.