FA for Auto: Cable is the key!

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FA for Auto: Cable is the key!

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The cable causes a lot of problems when connecting phone and car via MirrorLink. A myth exists that the original cable supplied along with the phone must work correctly. In many cases, it’s not true.

While standard cables are suitable for typical usages, they are not ideal for fast data transfer that is necessary for MirrorLink.

Whenever you encounter problems with MirrorLink, slow video, low-quality sound, unstable connection or long connecting, try to get very short, high-quality and thick cable.

Also, the same cable may work for one car but may be entirely unsuitable for another as it also depends on how it is wired inside the vehicle by its manufacturer.

And also, if Android Auto is working with your cable, MirrorLink may not. There is a big difference in data transfer between these two technologies.

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  2. Pasquale says:

    Buon giorno,
    ho una Toyota chr del 2018, ho un telefono Samsung A7 2018 (FN/DS) con mirrorlink,
    ho anche acquistato un cavo HIGH SPEED DATA (480 Mbps), ma i video si vedono a scatti comunque.
    Mi potete dare una mano a capire se c’è qualche altra impostazione da fare sul dispositivo auto o telefono? Grazie.
    Pasquale Miele


    Buonasera ho appena acquistato il Vs sw, auto nuova 508 ,predisposta x ml e Android auto, tel HTC M9 con Android 7, anche se avvio l’appello “HTC car” non riesco a far collegare nulla. Se attivo rockscout funziona. Come può essere possibile? Avete qualche soluzione? Non mi va di aver buttato 7 euro grazie.

  4. achillealb says:

    funziona con huawei p20 eml-l29

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