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Real multitasking on your Android!

Floating Apps for Auto

Floating Apps for Auto!

NOTE: Full MirrorLink on Samsung phones with Android 10 is a bit different! Floating Apps for Auto is a new version of Floating Apps specially adapted for use with MirrorLink infotainments in your car. It’s based on the full version and comes with all its features but there are a few changes: Larger spacing between…
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Version 4.3: The big one with themes

The new version 4.3 is all about themes. However, to implement them correctly, it was necessary to change almost all floating apps and so we decided to also improve the apps. It was a lot of changes :-). New Theme Editor! Customize Floating Apps on your own! Document Viewer is now available in FREE version!…
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Version 4.2: Floating calendar & text editor

New APP: Calendar New APP: Text Editor My Apps: Popular apps was added! Notes: Added Edit Toolbar that helps with selecting texts, copying and pasting. Notes: Added Undo and Redo actions. Notes: Font size can be increased / decreased. Notes: Added option to duplicate note after long-click. Notes: Improved support for RTL languages. Notes: Minor…
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Version 4.1: TODO lists & Tally counters

New APP: Lists (TODO Lists) New APP: Tally Counter General: Improved translations: CS, DE, IT, JA, PL, RO, RU, TR Notes: Added ‘Add’ button into window’s titlebar for faster notes creating. Notes: Added option to hide pagination. Notes: Added ‘Copy all’ option so it’s easy to copy the whole note by one tap. My Apps:…
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Version 4.0: Floating camera & barcode reader

Notes are now available in FREE version! New APP: Camera New APP: Barcode Reader New APP: Dice & Coin General: Added support for Android O and its limits imposed by Google. General: Improved speed and decreased memory consumption. Wifi Manager: Fixed Android memory leak. General: Minor fixes and improvements.