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Real multitasking on your Android!

Floating normal apps

QA: floating installed apps with freeform mode

We are receiving a lot of questions related to floating normal/installed apps, so we’ve decided to introduce the feature also here in a form of a QA blog post. How does floating normal apps work? Floating normal/installed apps is available from Floating Apps 4.4 and it works on Android 7 and newer. It’s a hidden feature…
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Free-Form Mode, Android 7

7 cons of the free-form mode

As you may know, the so-called free-form mode is a hidden feature available from Android 7 that allows floating of normal (installed) apps. It’s built into Android, but it’s made inaccessible by Google by default. Floating Apps helps to enable and access it, but there are still a few catches. Let’s have a look at…
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Floating Apps - free form mode / floating normal apps

How to float installed apps with freeform mode?

Floating normal/installed apps is available from Floating Apps 4.4 and it works on Android 7 and newer thanks to so-called freeform mode. It’s a hidden feature of Android platform that is inaccessible by default. It’s not provided by Floating Apps and we only help you to enable and use it. Let’s have a look at this…
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Beautiful analog clock over MirrorLink

NOTE: Full MirrorLink on Samsung phones with Android 10 is a bit different! With Floating Apps for Auto, you can do a lot of things, that were not possible previously, on the infotainment of your car using MirrorLink connected device. Now, you are not limited to just certified apps and you can use many of…
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Floating Apps for Auto - MirrorLink

Complete Guide: How to use Floating Apps for Auto in your car

NOTE: Full MirrorLink on Samsung phones with Android 10 is a bit different! Thanks for buying Floating Apps for Auto! Let us guide you through the process of connecting it to your car and using it on the infotainment over MirrorLink technology. Introduction… First, it’s essential that MirrorLink is supported both by your car and…
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Floating Bubbles

How to configure different bubbles for floating apps?

Floating Apps 4.3 has introduced custom themes and Floating Apps 4.4 has added floating bubbles that can be customized in themes. Let’s have a look at what we can do with it… I often use the floating browser, it’s running all day on my phone and it’s usually minimized. It would be better if its bubble…
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Floating Applications

How to configure new Applications?

Floating Apps 4.4 brought new Applications. It’s more like a floating control center now as it allows to access also notes, lists, counters, bookmarks, files, installed apps and more. Do you know that you can configure it for your needs? It comes with preconfigured colors and tabs, but it’s easy to change them. There is…
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Scientific functions in the floating calculator

The floating calculator doesn’t have a big keyboard with many scientific functions on purpose. For floating windows, it’s better to keep thing simple and compact and provide advanced features on request. Also, the majority of users (including me) use the floating calculator for simple things like 8 * 9. Yes! I’m not lazy to start…
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Version 4.4.5: Improvements and bug fixes

As you may notice, several versions were released during a few last days. They fixed some issues on Android 6 because there is a bug in the Android itself crashing apps with animations in some specific situations. Also, we’ve finally moved to Android O SDK, so we support the newest standards but it also brings…
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Version 4.4: Bubbles & floating normal apps

The Christmas present is here! The new version, Floating Apps 4.4, brings several overall improvements and some new features. 1. Bubbles – It’s now possible to minimize the floating window into a floating bubble which is very similar to, for example, Facebook’s Chatheads. Of course, there is still an option to switch back to the single…
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