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Real multitasking on your Android!

Version 4.10 – Full changelog

NEW LANGUAGE: Bulgarian (Please, help us to complete the translation) Backup: Adds an option to restore from local backup file. Backup: Adds support for offline backups with local files only. Browser: Adds an option to switch between single close button and close buttons in tabs. Browser: Adds a menu with extra options for long-tap on…
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Version 4.9 is out!

Floating Apps 4.9 is out and it comes with many improvements and bug fixes. Let’s talk a bit about the most important ones: New Search app is replacing old Google and Wikipedia search Browser and Bookmarks receives many improvements Multimedia apps are featuring a new gallery mode for selecting files Countdown is reworked and Document…
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Version 4.9: NEW Search app

In version 4.9, old Search Google and Search Wikipedia apps are no longer available and have been replaced with a brand new Search app. The new Search app introduces more search engines and as of initial release, they are: Baidu Bing DuckDuckGo Google Wikipedia Wolfram Alpha Yahoo Yandex It also comes with something completely new…
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Version 4.9: New welcome screen and overal improvements

In version 4.9, there are also numerous improvements to the overall system and the main app. Most notably, there is a new welcome screen. You will no longer end up in the list of built-in floating apps but in a nice welcome screen that helps you (and new users) to explore all features of Floating…
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Version 4.9: Browser & Bookmarks improved

The floating browser is the most complex floating app and it receives new features and improvements with every single release. And version 4.9 is no exception. It’s also more tightly connected with the bookmarks app. Configurable toolbar Different users have different needs and they use the browser in their very own way. Being able to…
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Version 4.9: File Manager, Image Viewer, Video & Music Player, and gallery mode

Gallery mode for Image Viewer and Video & Music Player Until now, it was a bit complicated to select images, videos and music files and it needed you to navigate through the file system. Of course, this option is still available but there is also a new gallery mode that uses the very same mechanism…
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Version 4.9: Document Viewer, Countdown and toolbars

Document Viewer rotates documents and can search in plain text files Some documents may be rotated and it’s not easy to read them. Not anymore! Viewing PDF and DOC/ODT documents is based on external modules and external rendering and for this reason, some features are almost impossible to implement. For example, a search feature. However,…
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Version 4.9: Floating Apps for Auto gets a new welcome screen

Floating Apps for Auto, the special version of Floating Apps for “hacking” cars with MirrorLink, receives all improvements that come with version 4.9 except for the new welcome screen. It has its own welcome screen that is not trying to introduce all features of Floating Apps but it’s rather helping new users with essential steps…
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Floating AdBlock

Version 4.8: New app, Floating Buddies and many improvements

Working hard on the next version, we haven’t published blog posts for some time. Don’t worry, we are going to fix this now as there is a lot to introduce in the version 4.8. There is a new app called Clipboard that is useful for managing your copy-paste actions There is a new feature called…
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Floating Clipboard

Version 4.8: New Clipboard app!

This app is going to really change how you copy-paste texts on your Android! It’s a history for your clipboard. You probably know that situation – you need to copy several texts but that means to copy one, switch to target app, paste it, then switch back to the original app to copy second text……
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